Trading with Emotion

One of the biggest mistakes traders can make is letting their emotions drive their trading decisions

Overtrading: Another

mistake to avoid is overtrading, or making too many trades without a clear strategy or plan. This can lead to unnecessary fees and losses.

Not having a plan

Traders should always have a plan in place before making any trades. This includes setting clear goals, identifying entry and exit points, and establishing risk management strategies.

Failing to do research

to do proper research before making a trade. Traders should always stay informed about the markets they're trading in and the companies they're investing in.

Chasing trends

Some traders may be tempted to follow the latest trend or hot stock without doing proper research. This can be a risky strategy and can lead to losses if the trend changes or the stock underperforms.


Traders should be cautious about using too much leverage in their trades, as this can lead to significant losses if the trade goes against them.