The Volkswagen ID.Buzz GTX Racing Trim Is Capped at 99 MPH

Experience the thrill of high-speed racing with the Volkswagen ID.Buzz GTX Electric Racing Trim.

Combining cutting-edge technology with eco-friendliness, this electric vehicle redefines performance.

With a top speed of 99 mph, the ID.Buzz GTX offers an exhilarating driving experience

Volkswagen showcases its commitment to innovation with the ID.Buzz GTX Racing Trim.

The ID.Buzz GTX Racing Trim delivers lightning-fast acceleration and sleek design.

Revolutionize your racing experience with the speed and efficiency of electric driving.

Join the electric racing revolution and unleash the power of the ID.Buzz GTX.

Embrace the excitement of electric racing with Volkswagen's ID.Buzz GTX Racing Trim.

Buckle up and prepare for an electrifying ride with the Volkswagen ID.Buzz GTX.