The VinFast VF3 Is an Affordable Compact EV, but Does It Have What Americans Want?


A Vietnamese EV startup declared it’s carrying new EVs to the US. VinFast as of now has one EV in America, yet another slight VinFast VF3 could move the electric vehicle market.

At the point when fuel mileage guidelines and the oil ban of the 1970s happened, little Japanese vehicles turned out to be considerably more famous than huge American models. The equivalent could be valid for the new VF3. The flow electric vehicle market is turning out to be excessively costly for the typical driver. Another sub-$20,000 EV could change this.
What is the VinFast VF3?

This new electric vehicle could be an incredible choice for drivers searching for a straightforward, reasonable EV. The VF3 was as of late uncovered at the 2024 Shopper Hardware Show. InsideEVs reports the VF3 gives just the minimum essentials and barely adequate space for four individuals to press in. Obviously, in the event that the salesman gives you a shoehorn to get into the vehicle, you may be in a difficult situation.

The VF3 is a two-entryway smaller focused on a cost in the sub-$20,000 territory. Ideally, that is where the cost will be the point at which it shows up. Assuming it comes in costing that much, it will be the least expensive EV in the nation, making it a lot simpler for the typical American to change to an electric vehicle.

How large is the VF3 contrasted with the Chevy Bolt EV?

The Chevy Bolt EV is quite possibly of the littlest electric vehicle in the US market. The new VinFast VF3 measures 125.6 inches long, 66.1 inches wide, and 63.8 inches tall. Contrasted with the Bolt EV, this is 30 inches more limited, three inches smaller, and one inch taller than the Chevy vehicle.


Generally speaking, this implies the VF3 is more modest, however the concern ought to be that it’s smaller and taller than the Bolt, making it somewhat of a weakling in a solid breeze. Ideally, the in-floor battery pack will hold that back from occurring.

Behind the VF3’s back seats is a little freight region. As a matter of fact, the back seats should overlap level to open up 19.42 cubic feet of freight region, practically identical to numerous four-entryway hatchbacks. It’s vital to note most four-entryway hatchbacks have this freight room with the back seats in the upstanding position, which isn’t true for this little two-entryway VinFast EV.

Does this VinFast EV have a nice driving reach?

VinFast plans to accomplish an EPA traveling scope of 125 miles. In a market as extensive as the “ocean to sparkling ocean” of America, that driving reach probably won’t be sufficient. At times, we remove focuses from electric vehicles that don’t propose no less than 300 miles of driving reach, which puts the VF3 a long ways behind most EVs.
The lodge seats four and has a straightforward plan, with a solitary 10-inch screen behind the directing wheel — which runs Android Auto and Apple CarPlay — and a little cluster of buttons on the mid control area. The subsequent column creases completely level, growing the lodge space to a guaranteed 19.4 cubic feet.


The VF3 previously appeared in Vietnam back in June, yet the made right smaller than usual SUV’s landing in CES addresses its worldwide send off. While the organization’s true line is that the planning of conveyances and valuing will be uncovered for every individual market sooner or later, Motor1 reports that a VinFast delegate determined that the VF3 will be sold in the US. A representative told Auto News the previous fall that the VF3 could begin at under $20,000, and an eye-getting sticker cost might be important to gain some forward momentum in America for such a little vehicle.

In any case, the new VinFast VF3 could have a spot in the American market. This little, reasonable electric vehicle could be valuable in huge urban communities. Drivers who just need a vehicle for day to day, in and out of town driving could track down this new EV a decent decision. Different drivers confronting long drives and rural homes will probably look past the VF3 without allowing it another glance.